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Highlink Technology Co. Ltd. Highlink was found in 2010 in Shenzhen as Yu Hong Technology, and moved to Huizhou in 2019 as Highlink. We are a professional distributor and resellers of electronic components, and have been working with world brand such as Ti, Microchip, INFINEON, NXP,ADI, Intel, AMD, ST, TOSHBIA, RENESAS, Phillips, AVTECH etc., and provide electronic parts to both oversea and domestic customers for supporting their demand and shortage issue. We are also the worldwide distributor of obsolete, discontinued, end-of-life Industrial electronic components. What is more ,we have wide access to many other sources that could help you find what you need. We will supply you the cheapest parts and highest quality within the least time !
We are aiming at becoming the world's leading high-end products and solutions provider, fully meet and innovate the needs of customers,.We are willing to cooperate with domestic & overseas customers , creating a better tomorrow.

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